Thursday, September 22, 2016

A BBO Robot plays a Moysian fit

Usually when you compete in BridgeBaseOnline's ACBL ROBOT tourneys, you get to play the hands your partner declares, except in a few tourneys where if the ROBOT hogs the hand he will zip through the play. Here, I had a clear and normal call of 3NT a) because I am not afraid of the diamond suit in Notrump b) and FOUR HEARTS has got to be a Moysian because partner would bid hearts first with five or more, even with longer clubs. Nevertheless, I had a mad moment of reasoning that my hand will play better in the Moysian because my cards are all working for suit play.

In notrump twelve tricks are available with the friendly finesses working, without breathing hard. In hearts, the machine chose to play off HA and HK and play clubs toward the then stiff HJ relying on a coup like position. When East ruffed high, a most curious road to 12 tricks was there. In the Moysian, the machine still ruffed a diamond to hand took happy spade finesses and ran clubs. For our pains we lost 0.6IMP

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