Saturday, March 17, 2012

6NT with chances of a strip squeeze if diamonds dont come in

After a somewhat agricultural bidding sequence, I put partner in 6NT.
The lead was a small spade which declarer ran around to his QJx winning trick one. Now, it may appear that the slam depends on the favorable diamond split (which occurred). However, if opening leader held 4 or more diamonds, he cannot stand the pressure when 4 hearts and two clubs are taken, In the six card ending he needs to hold the supported King of spades (2 cards) and 4 diamonds. Test the diamonds, and if they fail to break, give him the lead at trick eleven in diamonds. He has to lead away from the spade king. Your last two cards are Qx in hand and Ax in dummy in spades.
A routine strip squeeze.
This was all moot as a) diamonds behaved and b) an early discard in diamonds also indicated this was going to happen.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dentist's coup and stepping-stone missed by declarer

There are variations in play for the first five tricks, and I pass without comment on declarer's strategy for the first few tricks. But look at the end-position after 5 cards are played. Defence has come to 2 tricks, seems to have clubs well controlled and are threatening to set up diamonds. However, if declarer reads my (abhirar's) distribution, (instead of the spade to the nine and ten going down) he can play either a spade to the ace or a low club from hand!!
His strategyis to endplay me to give dummy's nine of spades a trick after stripping me of two hearts and my remaining diamond.
Say he plays a low club from hand. Say I win CQ and exit diamond. Declarer plays a spade to the Ace dropping my partner's ten, cashes two hearts, club to the ace, dentist coup in three suits! now playing his last spade, I have to give dummy the ninth trick in spades.

Bid this grand slam with your partner

How did you bid to the lay-down grand slam? I am not sure how the featured pair intended their FIVE SPADE, SIX CLUB bids after they held all keycards. As I see it, if RHO takes control, he needs to know about the extra trump length and queen, the DAK and the HKQ conrtols. If LHO takes charge, he needs to know about the doubleton diamond opposite ie. third round diamond control.
I dont like the continuation in my suggested auction after FIVE HEARTS. Any ideas for east's bid?

My most stupid discard/signal

First, some background. I play with different partners and there is not always time to agree on signals, Lavinthal or not against NT, so I just play the inefficient high-encourages even at NT.
I realized that the opponents are shooting at 3NT, and was hoping that my double indicated heart strength. Partner gets off to a spade, we can still beat it plenty, though I am surprised at the heart weakness in dummy. My dumbest move is an ambiguous spade discard, and when in with the Diamond King, partner plays my spade 7 for a come-on, and cashes the SK. Even now the HA works, but partner is mesmerized by my idiotic signals and continues spades, declarer gratefully coming to 2 spades, 4 diamonds, 4 clubs. The results range from 1NT to 2 of suits to 3NT -4 to 3NTX +1 (The 3NT -4 was where on spade rounds declarer pitches hearts from dummy, the opening lead was the HA, and defence runs a bunch of hearts. Don't ask)

An accurate sac at equal vulnerability (matchpoints)

With the thinnest of High card values, I made a T/O double when the opps bid my short suits. Partner introduced his spade fit at the three level. They bid to game, and I had to bid one more to take the sacrifice. It proved the correct decision. It would have been automatic at unfavorable vul, but this was love all. We got some 80% for -300

Error and counter-error

I bid myself to 4H, and they led two rounds of clubs tapping me. when trumps proved to be 4-1 I had the following problem. I needed to draw trump and now I need to play the diamonds for five tricks. This needs the layout of Tx with right hand opponent (The king is marked on the bidding)This was a speedball game, and I was afraid of KTx on my left when I have no legitimate chance. I left one trump in dummy and AJ in hand to "handle a club force". And gave up a diamond by playing small to the Jack, putting LHO on lead. He cashed his stiff Spade Ace. Now note that his winning defence is to give me a ruff and discard. If I take the ruff in dummy I cannot get to hand by King of spades, LHO ruffs. However, he played a diamond and I was home. (At this point, pulling trump with spade pitch, Cashing SK, and then dummy's diamonds are high)
I got +10 IMP. The results were all over the place. Some 3H -1, Some4H -3, Some 4C +130 Even some 5C making.

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