Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A slam reached by very few

The slam with 50% odds (better with the jump preempt raise, since the DK is likely in the slot) was reached only 5 times in a 116 table cross-IMP event. +1370 was worth +13.06 IMPs.

I bid briskly and boldly after partner bid clubs and cue-bid and supported diamonds, since my stiff spade, and minimum high cards were all excellent offensive controls.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dentist coup considered, abandoned, defense slips

A club was led to RHO's Ace, I held off the second, won the third. Next, I attacked spades, jclar (LHO) ducked two rounds of spades. Before leading a third, I had to place LHO with 4234, in that case, I can reach dummy for the heart finesse by "extracting" LHO of all safe exits (by playing D AKQ to remove all of west's diamonds), LHO is welcome to cash a club making three clubs and a spade for the defense, but has to play a major suit for entry to take the heart finesse.

After figuring this out, I cashed two diamonds, and "chickened out" from cashing the third, lest I should be setting up an extra undertrick instead of assuring the contract. Both defenders were following up the line in diamonds! Thus LHO could have beaten the contract with a D exit when in with the third round of spades. But she didnt, I took the H finesse and had nine tricks for 5 IMPS.

Successive chances in a slam

1NT was 10-12, the opponent's 2Clubs was one suited (Capelletti), 4Diamods was transfer to hearts, and a RKCB sequence followed.

When trumps proved 2-2, my first plan was to hope for a 3-3 club split to pitch two diamonds from AKxx if clubs could be set up. When clubs failed, I just cashed the D AK, and was fortunate to have the queen drop doubleton.

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