Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bidding opposite a preempt

Holding the West cards, at MPs, I felt the hand was marginal to insist upon a game. After much thought, I temporized with 2NT asking for a feature, 3Spades was the response, and I gave partner 4 Spades on the doubleton. Although the SAQ were offside, partner with some assistance from the defence who never switched to a club, brought home the contract.

A passed hand invitation, and a lot of tricks in 3NT

As a passed hand, do you rebid 1H or 1S or invite in Notrump? I chose to bid 2NT (11-12) and partner gave me three. A diamond was led, and I proceeded to rack up a lot of tricks (10) for a MP score of 90.5%

The club King is always single!

What would you bid in response to partner's three clubs (RHO having X'd) holding the cards in the west seat? I bid three notrump expecting some running clubs and some luck in the heart stopper department, or a non-heart lead. I got the latter, but the club suit left something to be desired.

Well, you know what they say about the club king always being single (not to mention that beggars cannot be choosers). I banged out the club Ace and took my ten tricks for 86%

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Opponent walks into a crossruff

Neither my THREE CLUBS rebid nor partner's free THREE SPADES bid were classical things of beauty but it is the result that counts. We were quick to double FOUR DIAMONDS, and partner leads a spade. Declarer is known to be competent, but slips here. With no quick road to hand, declarer tries a club. Perhaps I should have ducked my AK! allowing partner to ruff (partner's failure to lead my suit can only mean one thing, and then we get four quick tricks in a cross ruff, with the DJ promotion to come) but I naturally won the first two clubs and put a third through.
Declarer should have seen that I will ruff spades from the bidding, should have ruffed high and played three rounds of trump, losing the promoted trump to partner's J. THen he goes only one down, as partner is endplayed. Instead declarer played automatically playing a loser spade on the third club, we then crossruffed for two down and a high matchpoint score.

Not shy to bid game. A neat Overtrick at pairs.

My overcall was not exactly strong, and when partner jumped right to game without as much as an invite, and in competition, I awaited dummy with some concern.
The lead (Rusinow) was a gift into my AQ, and a heart loser disappeared, I took the club finesse and arrived at 11 tricks losing a trump to the QJx and a heart. 85% board.

Five clubs doubled in competition making six

I had made a "weak/intermediate" jump overcall of three clubs in competition, and when partner was there with Four and then with Five over Four Hearts by the opponents, I was filled with trepidation. The hand however played like a pianola, with my taking a marked finesse against Qxx marked by the double, and the established side suit in dummy picked up the trumps in a coup. When the spade KQ proved to be tight, I even made a doubled overtrick, taking twelve tricks in all for a 100% score.

A remarkable Moysian fit play by partner.

The elopement toward te n tricks by jeffreyg, and the especially accurate high ruffs towards the end made for an unusual hand. 100% at Matchpoints.

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