Monday, April 13, 2015

Despite nullo play, I get top board

I open a offshape 1NT in fourth seat, hoping to skew the result and slightly preempt the opponents. Partner transfers to spades and shows a invitational hand with secondary diamonds. I decide my Jx of spades is enough for game to be a good bet. West leads CK. I cannot hold off gainfully in Four Spades, and there is the risk of a ruff, so I win, and take a slight risk, crossing in diamonds to play a spade up to my J. To no avail, as West wins, and he can now scuttle my contract with CQ and C ruff, but he is not sure of the C position. He returns a diamond. I win and pull two trumps in dummy and play a heart up. RHO follows small

What do you play and why?

West was a passed hand. Can he have C:KQ, S:A as well as H:A? No. Therefore, there is no guess. You have to rise HK

East did well to play low. He gave you a guess. You are insulting east if you put in the Jack. It will lose to West.

Alas, I too forgot the significance of the dog that did not bark in the nighttime. I lost to the Queen. Now West made the last blunder of the game by cashing CQ, instead of playing a heart, forcing me to ruff, and lose two clubs for one down.

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