Thursday, April 19, 2012

I make an aggresive small slam bid and back it up.

The bidding was more than a little agricultural. First, my two spades bid was not forcing, so, better was a cuebid on round one. Still the trump suit clarification would not happen for another round.
Luckily they did not lead a heart. I was able to set up three diamond tricks by giving up a trick to the DK, thus getting rid of my closed hand H losers, and when trumps proved to be 2-2, sort of, reverse the dummy. 3H ruffs,4 trump in dummy, HA,CA and three diamonds for 12 tricks. LHO tried the effect of not taking his DK, but wild horses could not make me ruff a D in hand, I absolutely needed to play loser on loser, sluffing my two hearts on a losing and winning diamond. Making this wild slam was an unsurprising 100% at MPs. Risking sure game for a pie-in-the-sky slam? Maybe, but it was 12 board MPs, I could always come back, not like a IMP game.

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