Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bid this grand slam with your partner

How did you bid to the lay-down grand slam? I am not sure how the featured pair intended their FIVE SPADE, SIX CLUB bids after they held all keycards. As I see it, if RHO takes control, he needs to know about the extra trump length and queen, the DAK and the HKQ conrtols. If LHO takes charge, he needs to know about the doubleton diamond opposite ie. third round diamond control.
I dont like the continuation in my suggested auction after FIVE HEARTS. Any ideas for east's bid?


  1. Perhaps one of the souped-up Jacoby 2NT response schemes might help. One with which I am familiar has opener bidding 3C with all minimums (great for hiding distribution from the defenders should responder's next call be to jump to game).

    With opener here having a nonminimum, he would rebid 3D, showing a nonminimum with shortness somewhere. 3H would ask for location of shortness and 3NT would show a singleton in clubs. Assuming that opener would not admit to a singleton when the singleton is the king, responder can place opener with DA or DK, because the only outstanding HCP outside of clubs are 18, and nonminimum opener could hardly be missing 7 HCP in the diamond suit. So ... let's say that responder next bids a pedestrian 4NT and learns that responder has only one key card, obviously the DA (5C if 1430). 5D asks about SQ and 5NT might show that not only does opener have the SQ, but opener also has two kings.

    At this point, responder can place SQ, HK, DAK in opener's hand (plus the singleton club), still not enough to account for the nonminimum Jacoby 2NT response of 3D. Opener is marked with something more in the form of a red queen and probably something else. Whatever is that something else, it seems as though the grand can be no worse than on a finesse (well, it could be worse, I suppose, in case opener's spades were Qxxxx), and so 7S would seem to be a percentage next call.


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